I was very impressed with the quality of this waist trainer! I’ve used other waist shapers and the hooks have always been cheap- they’d pull away when it’s a tight squeeze. THIS waist trainer is very durable and even when it is tight/snug to put on it has the strength to not break apart. It gives such a great shape! Great control. I’m very happy with my purchase! I will be buying more waist trainers from here!

Natalie A.

I did so so much research on waist trainers because I was very skeptical about buying one. I came across this one and it had the best reviews,  I'm glad I bought mine here.  The material is great quality. You can sit with it on, and it MAKES you have good posture, Great back support, the boning is placed perfect, if you're looking to buy a waist trainer for the first time and you're unsure like I was, no matter what the reason is that you want it for whether it's back support, waist training, to get that hourglass shape, for working out, buy one! Such a good price and quality!

Adriana S.

I've used waist trainers before this one is by far my favorite the quality is the best, it fits as expected, it feels very comfortable. i love how it tightens up your tummy and helps with your posture, i'm 7 months postpartum and this waist trainer gives me so much confident, great results so far. 

Sofia L